Watch Movements – Quartz Or Mechanical


A Watch might be used to measure and judge many things about the person wearing it. In recent days, watches are portrayed more as a luxury item to be celebrated than basic equipment that shows you the time. Watches may be classified into numerous types based on a number of factors, but when we narrow down the types to just two, watches fall under either the mechanical movement type or the quartz movement type.

Whatever be the look and dazzling appearance of the watch, the real life and strength of the timepiece is judged only by the internal mechanisms and the type of movement it works upon. This in-built mechanism is that which gives it the much-requiredpower for other add-on features like calendars, dual time zone features, day and date features and other chronographs.


Mechanical Movement:

Mechanical timepieces have been in the industry since many years, but the technologies and the features involved in the manufacturing of these watches have undergone major changes and has been subject to constant up gradations and detailing.  These are watches that a luxury watch lover would go for. The level of craftsmanship and the expertise involved makes the mechanical timepieces a real masterpiece indeed.


Mechanical Watches:

The main feature that differentiates the mechanical watches from the others is the ability to wind up either automatically or manually according to the wearers’ preference. Hence mechanical watches might be further classified into automatic watches and manual watches. Automatic watches don’t need you to keep winding your watch at constant intervals whereas manual watches needs you to do the winding work.  As far as manual watches are concerned, care should be taken when you wind the watches and see to that you do not over wind the watches that might cause the main spring to get damaged.


Automatic watches – Features:

In case you own an automatic watch and if you have kept it in your cupboard for quite a long time, in that case you will have to check for the time accuracy and wind up the watch manually. This is because the rotor inside of your automatic watches sense movement and motion from your arms and wounds the watch automatically, but when there is no movement felt, it stops wounding automatically. But not to worry, one could use the feature of watch winder that helps in wounding the watch even when not in motion. More information on watches can be found at

Also in case you are to wind the watch manually, you need not worry about over winding and breaking the mainspring, since they are equipped with in-built clutch mechanism that frees when the spring is tight.


Quartz Movements:

This is the age-old mechanism of watches that is still used in modern-day timepieces as well. The accuracy level is the main feature that keeps it unique. The other feature that makes it widely favorite is the low cost and the low maintenance costs.

The Quartz watches are battery operated and is regulated by a quartz crystal. Electric current produced enables the quartz crystal to produce a vibration at a particular frequency and then causes power that is required for the working of the watch.

Quartz watches are further classified into digital watches that display LCD and it also features both analog and digital dials as well.


The varieties of watches available in the market are rather countless and newer varieties are yet to come. The watch wearers are not going to stop experimenting and this leads to the watch manufacturers coming up with even more experimental designs and techniques.

The choice of watch is a completely personal one and can never be generalized. It is a private perspective that a person has about what he should wear, how much he can spend and where to buy his timepiece. Apart from all these factors, one major aspect that a person has to dig deep before narrowing down on one type of watch that he has to purchase is the basic purpose and usage of the watch. Well for that matter, basically it would be to watch your time but the environment in which it is put to use might differ. Like a watch fro swimmers need to be a waterproof one and a watch for mountaineers should be one with a tough body. So choose wise with style.

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