I am a watch enthusiast and would love to own different types of watches that would be a part of my precious watch collection. Well that doesn’t mean that I am lavishly rich and have all the money to spend on luxury watches. By the term watch collector, I meant to say that I love collecting watches irrespective of their rates. My collection includes a rather cheap watch and an entry-level luxury watch as well. Like wise there are some automatic watches and manual watches too.


My perspective about purchasing a timepiece is that, timepiece is not just a watch; it is a piece of your personality. It portrays your personality, your mood and the occasion. While a person is bound to have mixed emotions and feelings, I firmly believe that holding on to just one type of watch is never going to satiate your style statement.


Formal watches, trekking watches, swimmers’ watches, funky watches and many more. Watches play an equally important role as of your dressing in judging you as a person. It often remains as the style statement that you carry. So selecting and wearing a timepiece requires a lot of charm and smart choice.


After all wearing a timepiece should be a joyful experience and so wear what your heart wants.

I also believe that age plays a major role in the selection of watches. One can easily judge the age of a person by the watch he wears. There are some old- school fashioned people who opt for traditionally designed watches. Nevertheless there are a few elderly young people who love experimenting too. We can see fathers trying their son’s watches and few kids trying their dad’s watches too. Uniqueness and personal preference is one factor that decides what a person loves to wear.

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